All my life, I will be grateful for all the money that my parents and family spent on me so that I can sail. Easy to say that it is a lot. Unfortunately, the more you sail, the more it becomes expensive especially when you are doing an Olympic campaign. This is why it becomes very hard for most families to pay their children’s sport, and sailing is by far not the cheapest one there is… This is why it is impossible to go on without some sponsors or donators. Even though I am still on the search for more, I would already like to thank all the people that sponsor me right now and help me follow my dream of going to the Olympics…

Aide Sportive Suisse


Team Tilt

Team Tilt Logo (2)

Banque Bonhôte



Fonds du Sport Vaudois



Club Nautique de Pully


Ville de Lausanne



Private donations : Pierre Engel

If you might be interested in helping me by sponsoring me or simply giving me a donation (every franc counts 😉 ) and get your name added to the above list, I would be more than happy that you contact me on my email address m.jayet@hotmail.com or you can even just donate directly on my sailing account CH50 8045 4000 1015 0907 1

Thank you to everyone who supports me on my way to Tokyo!

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