300 days to go until the Olympics!

After missing the Rio qualification by a iota, I set my sights on the 2020 Olympics that will  be held in TOKYO.

In the 3 years that have past since, I have put in place mental coaching, physical coaching, and have just worked harder in general than for the last campaign to achieve this goal!!

Although I am not yet officially selected by Swiss Olympic to go to Tokyo, I have already fulfilled the first step to a qualification when I got a spot for Switzerland at the World Championships in Aarhus in 2018 by finishing 9th. The nation quota is the first mandatory step any country has to fulfil if it wants to be able to send an athlete to the Olympics since the number of places is limited to 44.

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Trofeo Princesa Sofia

Sadly I won’t be going to Rio this summer…

The Trofeo Princesa Sofia in Palma, the last olympic qualifier for Europe, just ended and even though I finished 16th, I missed the qualification by just 7 points out of 134. There were two spots available and I was the 3rd boat not yet qualified.

You can’t even imagine right now how mad and disappointed I am to have come so close to going to Rio. I started the regatta poorly with terrible qualifiers including a stupid yellow flag 50 meters before the finish line. That mistake cost me 11 points and would have made the difference in the end. Even though I went from 38th to 16th in 6 races in the Gold fleet, it wasn’t enough to catch up all the loss I had done after the 2 first days.

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Gran Canaria Sail in Winter

Like many sailors, I chose Las Palmas as my 15-16′ winter base camp. Logical destination since we will be having our European Championship here end of February and that it’s probably the only place still in Europe where we can wear shorts and t-shirts the whole year long…

I had never been here before my first training camp in December and I basically love the place. The sailing conditions are amazing and we can do a lot of other things on the Island like cycling, surfing, and so on… Another big + is the sailing club. From the pool to the gym, or even paddle-tennis, you can do a lot of different things just by being at the club.

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Senior European Championship

European Championship

I’ve been very busy lately !

Let me start from the beginningŠ First I actually had to sit down and
study for my university exams that I had to pass in June, so I didn’t sail much for a whole month… On the day of my last exam, I left at night to Germany to go sailing in Warnemünde! It was my first big trip for me as a solo driver with over 1200 km on the program 😦
After Warnemünde, I drove up to Kaløvig/Denmark, where there was going to be the European Senior Championship a few days later! It was no surprise as we got there, that the weather wasn’t going to be pleasant with us! At home, there was a heatwave with more than 35 C, and there we were in Denmark where we were lucky enough to have rain and cold during almost the whole stay ( lucky because it didn’t rain EVERY day).

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Riva del Garda

This month, I went for two weeks to Riva del Garda to sail before a big break for my university exams. It was nice going back there after such a long time ( last time was last year in May), especially since I love Riva. It’s a lake in the north of Italy and the good thing about it is that there is almost always wind !! (not like my own lake unfortunately). I was able to spend a lot of hours on the water and sail in strong winds which is still not my cup of tea. I also tested some new equipment that turned out not being so good, so at least I know that I shouldn’t use them this summer for my big events. Italy also means Italian food, and as I am a big fan, I ate enough pizza for the whole year ( I probably ate at least 10 pizzas in two weeks). One speciality of Riva is the walk up to the Chapel Santa Barbara. It’s around 600 meters of ascent and if you go a bit higher than the Chapel, you have an amazing view of the lake. This year I did it in 36 minutes. Some crazy people run non stop and reach the top in about 25 minutes. I still have to work on that !

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Race Report- Trofeo Princesa Sofia

Mid-March, I flew back to Palma to finally sail my first big event of the year : the Trofeo Princesa Sofia. All the best sailors worldwide were on the entry list. More importantly, this was to be my second big regatta with only senior sailors and for sure it was going to be one of the toughest I had ever sailed.

During the pre-regatta training, we mostly had a nice steady sea breeze… but as ALWAYS, weather conditions became much tougher:  we started the regatta with a wild day with over 35 knots. As the wind was coming from shore, it was very strong and super shifty making it very hard to make decent racing. We ended up staying for over 8 hours on the water just to do 2 races that usually last one hour each. What a tiring way to start the championship!!

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Physical Test Part II

As planned, I have had to go back to the Schultess Klinik in Zurich and see Fabian. The purpose of my visit was to do again some physical tests and see if I improved during the winter season. It’s not really my favorite activity but this time it didn’t go too bad…

After some pull-ups, bench-pull, dead lifts, etc… and grand finale with the bike test, I am quite proud to say that I improved EVERYWHERE!!

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Training in Palma

End of March there is a big event held in Palma that all the best sailors worldwide attend – the Trofeo Princesa Sofia  – A must go!

I drove down to Barcelona with my freshly acquired drivers license where I took a ferry to Palma de Mallorca. Even though the trip was very long, I straight away got my boat and myself ready to go on the water.  There were very nice conditions with a sea breeze and some sun.
I ended up joining a group of Laser radial sailors that was doing some races. It was really fun to be able to train on my starts with over 20 boats including some of the best sailors. Read More

Race Report – Cadiz


In February, I left to Cadiz, Spain, to participate at my first regatta of the year !

It wasn’t the first time in Cadiz for me so I was excited to go back especially since we really had nice sailing conditions the years before. Lucky as I am, I started feeling a bit sick the morning of my departure… Even though I went there a few days early to be able to train, I ended up staying most of the time at home in bed. I felt exhausted which wasn’t ideal right before a five-day regatta. Still being sick, I decided to compete in the regatta anyways.

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