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Training in Palma

End of March there is a big event held in Palma that all the best sailors worldwide attend – the Trofeo Princesa Sofia  – A must go!

I drove down to Barcelona with my freshly acquired drivers license where I took a ferry to Palma de Mallorca. Even though the trip was very long, I straight away got my boat and myself ready to go on the water.  There were very nice conditions with a sea breeze and some sun.
I ended up joining a group of Laser radial sailors that was doing some races. It was really fun to be able to train on my starts with over 20 boats including some of the best sailors.

During my stay, one of the main sailing clubs in Palma organised a 3-day training regatta. So every day, I was on the water at 12 to do some real races. Since it was a training regatta, I could really focus on my starts without worrying about the end result. Although there is still area for improvement, it was motivating for me to see that a good start immediately got me into the lead group and allowed me to finish my race as 2nd and 7th. I think that my overall speed and tactics are good but starts are key to be at the top of the fleet. It’s really a point that I need to continue working on. Anyways, in the end I didn’t do too bad finishing this regatta 15th/55 boats . Now I’m at home for a few days to rest a bit before going back to Palma to compete at the Trofeo Princesa Sofia.



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Training Camp in St-Raphaël

I just came back from an intensive 6-day training camp in Saint-Raphaël, France with Nils, a laser sailor who is also in the Swiss Team. If you’ve followed the news this week, you’ve probably heard about the huge inundations in the South and the worst area was exactly where I was. So yes, it’s been a great but very wet week!

Our schedule was the following: get up at 7am to be on the water at 8.30; sail for 2 ½ hours; lunch on our best dish… PASTA; back on the water at 1.30 pm for another 2 hours of sailing. In addition we would go running or swim 2KM.

During the first 3 days, the wind wasn’t too strong yet at about 12 knots. It was perfect to train on our technique. But the hardest was yet to come…

On Thursday the East Wind finally kicked in at about 20 to 24 knots with big waves. That day was really great and I felt that I made progress in strong winds. Our coach made us take off our hiking pads to develop “tolerance to pain”. Hiking pads are rigid boards that are placed behind our thighs.IMG_4838 That’s where we rest our weight when we are leaning out of the boat to counterbalance the wind. Note to myself: never again try to sail in strong winds without my hiking pads!! Now I have bruises behind my thighs and it really hurts.

On the last two days the wind reached over 30 knots (56 KM/hour) with waves of at least 2 meters high. It was survival mode for me, as I don’t often sail in those conditions. I did a lot of capsizing… but no pain no gain

IMG_8030On our way back from St-Raphael, I suddenly heard a terrible noise. When I turned to look at the trailer with our RIB, I saw fireworks of fire!

We immediately stopped the car and discovered that we had lost one wheel!

We stayed for an hour on the side of the highway until the Touring Club came to pick it up. Scary experience but our driver Ineke (Nil’s mom) kept her cool.

Now I’ll be back home for a few days. I’ll be going back to France on the 11th, but this time in Hyères!!!


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