300 days to go until the Olympics!

After missing the Rio qualification by a iota, I set my sights on the 2020 Olympics that will  be held in TOKYO.

In the 3 years that have past since, I have put in place mental coaching, physical coaching, and have just worked harder in general than for the last campaign to achieve this goal!!

Although I am not yet officially selected by Swiss Olympic to go to Tokyo, I have already fulfilled the first step to a qualification when I got a spot for Switzerland at the World Championships in Aarhus in 2018 by finishing 9th. The nation quota is the first mandatory step any country has to fulfil if it wants to be able to send an athlete to the Olympics since the number of places is limited to 44.

The second step is to be the one selected to represent Switzerland, as the sailing rules only allow one athlete/team per country in each category.

Qualifying the nation in Aarhus has definitely been a big relief as it was the step I wasn’t  able to achieve for the Rio Olympics. From there on, I  have been putting my main focus on learning as much as possible on the venue in Japan and trying to prepare for the conditions we could get at Games’ time.

Japan is known to be extremely hot during summer and I can confirm that after going there this year in August.
That will definitely be the main challenge for the Olympics for all athletes, in all sports. Being as well prepared as possible for the heat is essential. To perform in 35 degrees with 70-80% humidity combined with strong winds and big waves (sometimes a little typhoon passing by too) makes the venue very special and nothing like anywhere else I’ve sailed before.

For the final few months until the Olympics, I will spend a lot of time in Australia preparing for the World Championships that will be held in Melbourne in February 2020.   We will then have a few events in Europe before flying out to Tokyo again in May and sail there as much as possible until the Games.






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