Trofeo Princesa Sofia

Sadly I won’t be going to Rio this summer…

The Trofeo Princesa Sofia in Palma, the last olympic qualifier for Europe, just ended and even though I finished 16th, I missed the qualification by just 7 points out of 134. There were two spots available and I was the 3rd boat not yet qualified.

You can’t even imagine right now how mad and disappointed I am to have come so close to going to Rio. I started the regatta poorly with terrible qualifiers including a stupid yellow flag 50 meters before the finish line. That mistake cost me 11 points and would have made the difference in the end. Even though I went from 38th to 16th in 6 races in the Gold fleet, it wasn’t enough to catch up all the loss I had done after the 2 first days.

However, I must see the positive things also and think of how much I improved this last year. I had a really good European Championship in Las Palmas where I finished 12th European, my best result so far in the senior fleet, and consequently I also got into the A-Kader of Swiss Sailing Team for 2017. I also proved that I could race in the top 15, among other Olympic qualified sailors.

I know that i would have deserved to be in the 37 boats that will be competing at the Games in August but the rules are the rules. Even though being an European nation wasn’t the easiest for these Games, I’ll just make sure next time to qualify already at the ISAF worlds in 2018.

I guess that missing my goal by so little is kinda the story of my life these last years but eventually what goes around comes around and my luck will end up on my side on my way to Tokyo.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who cheered me up these last few days ! Failures are part of life, and this one will just make me stronger !


Now 1 weeks of studying and gym before heading to Hyères for my first Worldcup ever ! And even though I won’t be going to Brazil this summer, I still have my last Under 21 World and European Championships instead… READY TO KICK ASS.

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