Senior European Championship

European Championship

I’ve been very busy lately !

Let me start from the beginningŠ First I actually had to sit down and
study for my university exams that I had to pass in June, so I didn’t sail much for a whole month… On the day of my last exam, I left at night to Germany to go sailing in Warnemünde! It was my first big trip for me as a solo driver with over 1200 km on the program 😦
After Warnemünde, I drove up to Kaløvig/Denmark, where there was going to be the European Senior Championship a few days later! It was no surprise as we got there, that the weather wasn’t going to be pleasant with us! At home, there was a heatwave with more than 35 C, and there we were in Denmark where we were lucky enough to have rain and cold during almost the whole stay ( lucky because it didn’t rain EVERY day).

The Europeans finally started and it for sure was one hell of a roller
coaster! Kaløvig has very very shifty winds so you could easily go from first to last of the fleet in just a few minutes ! Luckily for me , I quite enjoyed these shifty winds ( especially on the lighter days) and did some very nice results with the cherry on the cake at the end with a bullet on the last day (bullet=1)and scoring the best result of the day with a 10th place in the 2nd race! My overall conclusion was that I could be very fast if the wind wasn’t too strong BUT I could also be very slow when the wind was stronger than I would have hoped for !
Anyways, I am very happy with my final result of 22/98 given it was the senior championship and that it is my very first year with the ladies and I still have a few more yet to come!



Finally got stickers from my new sponsor Banque Bonhôte and put them on my new boat !! Welcome on board!


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