Riva del Garda

This month, I went for two weeks to Riva del Garda to sail before a big break for my university exams. It was nice going back there after such a long time ( last time was last year in May), especially since I love Riva. It’s a lake in the north of Italy and the good thing about it is that there is almost always wind !! (not like my own lake unfortunately). I was able to spend a lot of hours on the water and sail in strong winds which is still not my cup of tea. I also tested some new equipment that turned out not being so good, so at least I know that I shouldn’t use them this summer for my big events. Italy also means Italian food, and as I am a big fan, I ate enough pizza for the whole year ( I probably ate at least 10 pizzas in two weeks). One speciality of Riva is the walk up to the Chapel Santa Barbara. It’s around 600 meters of ascent and if you go a bit higher than the Chapel, you have an amazing view of the lake. This year I did it in 36 minutes. Some crazy people run non stop and reach the top in about 25 minutes. I still have to work on that !

Video of me going upwind in 20 knots

Guess who is capsizing! 2015-05-13 11.37.28 View from the walk to the Chapel!

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