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Nomination Meilleure Espoir Romande 2014

I am nominated as the Best youth Athlete on the French side of Switzerland but I need your votes if I want to win so please take two minutes to vote for me please ūüôā

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Race Report- Trofeo Princesa Sofia

Mid-March, I flew back to Palma to finally sail my first big event of the year : the Trofeo Princesa Sofia. All the best sailors worldwide were on the entry list. More importantly, this was to be my second big regatta with only senior sailors and for sure it was going to be one of the toughest I had ever sailed.

During the¬†pre-regatta¬†training, we mostly had a nice steady sea breeze… but as ALWAYS, weather conditions became much tougher: ¬†we started the regatta with a wild day with over 35 knots. As the wind was coming from shore, it was very strong and super shifty making it very hard to make decent racing. We ended up staying for over 8 hours on the water just to do 2 races that usually last one hour each. What a tiring way to start the championship!!

The following days were less windy but still more than what I would’ve hoped for! The nice sea breeze basically didn’t¬†show up again¬†so the wind remained¬†stronger and shiftier than usual making the racing very hard for me since I usually catch up on the best sailors with my tactics.

The good thing is that at least I did a few decent starts this time. I even did a race of 8th that got me into the gold fleet. So for the rest of the regatta I was with the 59 top¬†sailors –> I sailed with the hardest fleet I had ever been with. As expected, I really got my ass kicked. The gap between youth sailing and senior sailing is huge. It felt weird going from sailing at the front of the fleet last year (while still in Youth <19) to¬†doing races where I was in the last tier.¬†But I was expecting it¬†so I wasn’t too depressed about it. I know that I need a lot of practice sailing with the senior fleets before I can hope to do¬†better results. In the end I finished 51/117, which isn’t too bad for my very first¬†Trofeo Princesa Sofia. For sure next year I’ll have to do better if I want to qualify for Rio so now… BACK TO WORK!

© Loris Von Siebenthal© Loris Von Siebenthal© Loris Von Siebenthal

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Physical Test Part II

As planned, I have had to go back to the Schultess Klinik in Zurich and see Fabian. The purpose of my visit was to do again some physical tests and see if I improved during the winter season. It’s not really my favorite activity but this time it didn’t go too bad…

After some pull-ups, bench-pull, dead lifts, etc… and grand finale with the bike test, I am quite proud to say that I improved EVERYWHERE!!

Of course this didn’t happen overnight! During these 4 months I had to go to the gym or cycle nearly every day besides my sailing and I followed a very strict diet plan (coughing, okay I maybe just ate a bit less nutella than usual…).

Even though I will still need to improve a lot before having the strength to be an Olympic Champion, this is only the beginning of a long journey until Tokyo (and Rio hopefully) and if I continue like this I should be ready by then!!


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