Race Report – Cadiz


In February, I left to Cadiz, Spain, to participate at my first regatta of the year !

It wasn’t the first time in Cadiz for me so I was excited to go back especially since we really had nice sailing conditions the years before. Lucky as I am, I started feeling a bit sick the morning of my departure… Even though I went there a few days early to be able to train, I ended up staying most of the time at home in bed. I felt exhausted which wasn’t ideal right before a five-day regatta. Still being sick, I decided to compete in the regatta anyways.

I was really disappointed because I went to Spain to do this regatta as a training, especially since my last regatta was in October, and in the end I did even fulfill the only personal goal that I had which was to do good starts. Of course I know that my situation over there wasn’t ideal, I didn’t have my own boat unfortunately because the trip was too long so I rented one which turned out to be a really bad boat. At the end of each day, the inside of the boat had 2-3 liters of water that leaked in.. And as if being sick wasn’t enough. Because of the water,  I was also pretty slow, especially at the end of day when the boat had enough time to fill up and the committee was also a bit crazy, making us race in very shifty conditions. I had terrible results and I’m really sad about it. I guess that shit happens to everyone sometimes but I really hope that my next regatta in Palma de Mallorca will go better. Now I’m at home for a few days, first trying to get rid of the flu once and for all and then also studying a bit. Leaving soon to Spain again but this time in Mallorca !! Very Excited


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