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Training in Palma

End of March there is a big event held in Palma that all the best sailors worldwide attend – the Trofeo Princesa Sofia  – A must go!

I drove down to Barcelona with my freshly acquired drivers license where I took a ferry to Palma de Mallorca. Even though the trip was very long, I straight away got my boat and myself ready to go on the water.  There were very nice conditions with a sea breeze and some sun.
I ended up joining a group of Laser radial sailors that was doing some races. It was really fun to be able to train on my starts with over 20 boats including some of the best sailors.

During my stay, one of the main sailing clubs in Palma organised a 3-day training regatta. So every day, I was on the water at 12 to do some real races. Since it was a training regatta, I could really focus on my starts without worrying about the end result. Although there is still area for improvement, it was motivating for me to see that a good start immediately got me into the lead group and allowed me to finish my race as 2nd and 7th. I think that my overall speed and tactics are good but starts are key to be at the top of the fleet. It’s really a point that I need to continue working on. Anyways, in the end I didn’t do too bad finishing this regatta 15th/55 boats . Now I’m at home for a few days to rest a bit before going back to Palma to compete at the Trofeo Princesa Sofia.



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Race Report – Cadiz


In February, I left to Cadiz, Spain, to participate at my first regatta of the year !

It wasn’t the first time in Cadiz for me so I was excited to go back especially since we really had nice sailing conditions the years before. Lucky as I am, I started feeling a bit sick the morning of my departure… Even though I went there a few days early to be able to train, I ended up staying most of the time at home in bed. I felt exhausted which wasn’t ideal right before a five-day regatta. Still being sick, I decided to compete in the regatta anyways.
I was really disappointed because I went to Spain to do this regatta as a training, especially since my last regatta was in October, and in the end I did even fulfill the only personal goal that I had which was to do good starts. Of course I know that my situation over there wasn’t ideal, I didn’t have my own boat unfortunately because the trip was too long so I rented one which turned out to be a really bad boat. At the end of each day, the inside of the boat had 2-3 liters of water that leaked in.. And as if being sick wasn’t enough. Because of the water,  I was also pretty slow, especially at the end of day when the boat had enough time to fill up and the committee was also a bit crazy, making us race in very shifty conditions. I had terrible results and I’m really sad about it. I guess that shit happens to everyone sometimes but I really hope that my next regatta in Palma de Mallorca will go better. Now I’m at home for a few days, first trying to get rid of the flu once and for all and then also studying a bit. Leaving soon to Spain again but this time in Mallorca !! Very Excited


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