Qualifying rule

Since people who don’t sail don’t know how the qualifying system works, I thought it would be interesting to explain it.

First, in sailing there can only be one boat per nation for each boat category. It’s not like swimming or skiing where there can be many competitors per nation and per discipline.

Second, there are only a limited number of places available for each boat category, i.e. not all nations can participate.

In Laser Radial, only women compete. There are 37 places available for just as many nations.

The first 19 places were given to the 19 first nations at the ISAF World Championship last September 2014.

The next 4 places will be given at the next World Laser Radial Women’s Championship in Oman in November 2015.

The next 11 spots will be distributed by continent: Europe will receive 2 places. This last selection will take place in Palma in March 2016.

For the last 3 places, there is one for the host and 2 others given by the international sailing federation to the countries of their choice.

Usually, once the nation is qualified, the competitor still needs to be chosen among the other Swiss sailors AND fulfill the nation’s own criteria (for Switzerland it is to be in the top 12 nations).

The special twist is here: there is a “newcomer rule” which states that as a young sailor, I can go to the Olympics if I qualify the nation under condition that I promise that I’ll also participate in the next Olympics in Tokyo 2020. ( of course I also have to be the best Swiss sailor if I want to be selected…)

In summary, I still have two chances to qualify the nation and win my ticket to the Olympics!

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.29.53

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