This is my very FIRST POST on my new blog!
I’ve created it to share with you the amazing journey that I’m about to begin to qualify the nation and myself for the Olympic games at Rio in 2016. The possibility to go to the Olympic games crystallised after I received a mail from Tom, the chief of the Swiss Sailing Team.
Dear Maud….
We are evaluating our potential qualifiers for Rio 2016 and you are one of them…. you delivered a great performance at three major junior championships in 2014… In Rio we experienced mostly light to medium winds of 8-14 knots, but shifty/gusty without much waves (swiss lake winds) on the inside racing areas – these are conditions where you perform well… exceptional rule for Olympic newcomers: It`s once in a lifetime chance to participate at Olympic Games in an early stage of a sporting career such as yours….

Wow! The good news really hit home. Talk about excitement!!
But then I thought: “This means sailing 300 days between now and the Olympic Games! How will I be able to deal with my Law studies and stay in touch with my friends? And how will I pay for all this?”
But being an Aries, I thought to myself “Just do it! You can’t miss going to the Olympics at only 20. We’ll find a way”.
My target now is to qualify Switzerland at the next qualifying event in Oman next November.

One thought on “JUST DO IT!

  1. Charlotte Naylor

    Bravo Maud, c’est magnifique. Je te suivrai avec grand plaisir et te souhaite vraiment tout le meilleur. Take care and see you soon.


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